Renata is a self-taught visual artist, originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and she has been calling Cambridge, UK her home for the last 10 years. She is a trying-to-be-normal mum of two, wife, artist and a working woman. Her educational background is technical, as she read Physics at University of Sao Paulo, and her present career is in Information Technology.

 Although she never had any formal art training, artistic creativity has been always a big part of her life. She has created a portfolio of graphite, charcoal, pastel, coloured pencil drawings and watercolour, mostly landscape portraits that have some meaning to her.

You can contact her via social media at or emailing her at

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I'm been fighting SLE my whole life. It took 5 years and a bunch of Doctors for me to get diagnosed. Recently, I became my own advocate for getting my life back for my kids, my husband and myself. I am proud to say that after finding the right treatment, I am now able to work almost as a normal person and I am again enjoying painting and drawing, although sometimes is difficult as my joints hurt and I have to swap from right hand to left hand and back.

My symptoms began when I was young and took a lot from me. But, I'm lucky, as now science understands this disease a bit better. My aunt has suffered with SLE her whole life and she was not as lucky as me. Her hands and feet are now deformed, and even after surgery after surgery, she is in constant pain.

For that reason, I decided to donate 10% of all my sales to Lupus UK, as they are supporting people with Systemic Lupus, enabling them to live full and active lives.

Visit their site to know more: LupusUK