Renata at Art Rooms 2016 - Thank you!


After the successful exhibition at the Melia White House Hotel with ARTROOMS 2016, I would like to thank you very much for your visit. 

More events to come! Later this year I will exhibit at Le Dame Gallery in London for 3 months. Dates TBD.

Bellow you can have a tiny glimpse of what it was Art-Rooms 2016*. For more information, visit their website: 

I'd like to invite you as well my Online Gallery at Fine Arts America, a curated boutique space that aims to bring together a mix of artists and digital media designers collaborating to create beautiful pieces of curated art. We exhibit beautiful imagery, whether that be a photograph, digital art piece or traditional painting. 

Please pay us a visit: The Fine Arts Gallery

*Daniela Papadia, Marieke Krueger, Tony Okura Martins








Renata at All Women Exhibition - Light Space & Time Gallery

I'm pleased to announce that my work "Spooky" has received the Special Merit Recognition Award from Light Space & Time Gallery. 

The gallery received 890 entries from 33 different countries from around the world, including Australia, Austria, Barbados, Canada, China, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel,  Japan, Kuala Lumpur, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Reunion Island, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, St. Maarten,  Sweden,  Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom. In addition, the gallery received entries from 38 different states.

To see all 130 selected pieces, visit Light Space & Time Gallery -  A to K and L to Y


All Women SR.jpg

Art Maze at OXO Tower Wharf

On December 16th, I attended with my family and friends the Private View for Exhibit Here’s Art Maze, housed at Oxo Towers. 

The Exhibition was beautiful, atmospheric, in this amazing location -  Bargehouse: a 4-floors  warehouse, situated on walking distance to the  Tate Modern. Each room had a unique theme, and you could walk around so many art works that felt like a maze, with just the necessary light to complete the atmosphere.

Thanks Exhibit Here for putting all of that together so gracefully. 


Full list of Selected Artists included: Elizabeth Nast, Blandine Martin, Emma Phillips, Belinda Moore, Samuel Capell, Maxine Michaelides, Sue Skitt, Linda Lipinski, Heather Burwell, Nicola Keelan, Karen Piddington, Antonia MacTavish, Georgia Lingwood, Luke O’Grady, Brett Barker, Yuliya Martynova, Jamie Firminger, Jules Ward, Sandra Menant, Marta Andrade, Liliana Gallagher, Kev Paxton, Kirsty Allen, Alison Stirling, Kelly Diggins, Fiona Longley, Renegade, John Wilkinson, Francis Charlton, Rebecca Humphrey, Simona Visan, Dean Huntley, Nasos Frantzeskakis, Salty De Soufflé, Catherine Phillips, Matt Fox, Emily Tull, Samantha Anne Hutchinson, Renata Vincoletto, David Fines, Ruta Lukoseviciute, Malinda Prud’homme, Georgie Webster, Lisa Smith, Viv Owen, Alexander Harley, Laura Meadows, Georgie, Roberto Grosso, Red Isaac, Enrico Gobbi, Lauren Nickless, Nara Walker, Gerard McGregor, Nick Pike, Aneta Srodon, Lizy Bending, Laura Dunmow, Priya Baxter, Gritt, Emi Fujisawa, Paul Wood, Penelope Cake, Gosia Poraj, Gary Iles, Ken McClymont, Georgios GreeKalogerakis, Karl Connolly, Terence Walton, James Tunney, Jason McGroarty, Larissa Bone, Samuel Beckman, Caroline Evans, Robert Adam, Kayava, Alberto Fusco, Amar Azad, Jane Tagg, Jon Delgado, Jacqueline French, Julia Bellamy, Simon Probyn, Sophie Rintala, El Davo, Edyta Wachowicz, Sara Bellon, Maria Giannarou, Olivia Peake, Amy Odell, Lara Mi, Lucia Rusinakova, Ravi Menghani, Catherine Fenton, Elizabeth Grant, Karen Tinney, John Butterworth, Andrea Coltman, Clare Pearl, Enrico Meucci, Amy Higgins, Hugo Mills, Adam Raid, Michael Epton, Keng Wai Lee, Vandana Gulati, Sarah Cunningham, O. Yemi Tubi, Loreto Ruiz, Hsin-Chin Hung, Katherine Roberts, Andy Barlow, Natalie Mills, Jose Pablo Segura, Henry Pucknell, Logan Kelly, Alexander Maphalala, Pedro Sousa Louro, Esther Lamontagne, Cheryl Papasian, Leila Bibizadeh

Renata at Procreate Project Exhibition

An empowering event celebrating the art of motherhood, featuring over 100 Mother-Artists. The exhibition will be accompanied by a new art studio model presentation and by a panel of talks on subjects including art and maternity, from an artistic, academic and neurobiological standpoint.

It will allow the display of performances and visual artists alike. The installation consists of a collection of photozines. The photozines either document or translate the works into the artist’s book format. The audience is invited to read. The installation will draw upon the concept of library at the same time as creating an alternative archive for Procreate Project.

The Launch is open from 2pm - 7pm at the Women's Art Library.

For more information please visit:

or email